Hey Gentle Freak: A First Letter

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Encouragement


Hey there you.

Yes you, gentle freak. 

This is a message. For you.



Hey there gentle freak,

I have no idea when and if you’ll find this, or even if you’ll know I’m speaking to you when you read it.

But if you’re here, whether or not you think I’m speaking to you, I have a message for you.


You are a remarkable human being.

 Always were. Always will be.

You don’t have to prove it, you don’t have to earn it, you don’t have to grow into it. You just are, and who you seem to be in the world doesn’t change it.



You are worthy.

You are worthy of loving and being loved, and of becoming the human being you always wanted to be. You don’t have to be that person to be worthy. You don’t need to prove yourself to be worthy of love. You don’t need to earn the right to be worthy of your own potential.

You are human. A miracle of hope and biology and chance. A singular instance of potential and possibility. Your potential and your worthiness came into being the moment you did.


But I also know that no matter where you are in your life, you are striving for better. To live in possibility is to live in hope, but also to experience disappointment. Whether you see your present moments as shiny and brilliant, dull and tarnished, or dark and despair-inducing, I know that at least in some moments you have looked up and wondered: can this be better? Can I feel better? Can be better?

And the answer is, yes. Yes, yes, of course, yes. As long as you live in possibility the answer is always yes.

No matter where you feel you are, no matter whether you feel you have succeeded or failed or are still on the way, every moment you are is a moment in which you remake yourself, create your possibilities anew. And that is the joy  and sadness and endless wonder of being.

Look up, gentle freak. Life is a wonder. You are a wonder.

Claim what has always been yours: your possible, your remarkable, your wonderful, your potential. Go forth and be that brilliant freak you always knew you could be.