Super (Human) Powers

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Encouragement

Every single one of us has at least one super power.


I’m not talking comic book super powers, as wonderful as they might be.


I’m talking about ordinary human super powers — the kind of powers your grandmother might have. Or your best friend. Or your child.

People you know. People you don’t know. People you’ve met, or passed without notice on the street.

The kind you have.

Yes: you.


Your powers can manifest themselves in different ways — sometimes barely detectable, sometimes obvious to everyone, or sometimes obvious to everyone but you.


Maybe you’ve seen abilities like these:

  • The ability to always find a convenient parking space, even downtown in front of a popular restaurant on a Saturday night.
  • The ability to inspire kindness and generosity of heart in others, with little more than a smile and a laugh and the warmth of their presence.
  • The ability to listen to a malfunctioning engine — even over the phone — and be able to pinpoint the problem and tell you how you might be able to fix it.

These are only examples. I know people like this. Think about your own experience. Think about the people you know. The people you’ve met. The people who’ve passed through your life, surprising you, piquing your interest, even if only to be forgotten.


We each have something remarkable about us.

It might be undeveloped or hidden, or accessible only in certain circumstances, but every single one of us has something we can do in the world that can make a difference.

It might be big. It might be subtle. It might not be noticed until you have left the room, left the building, left the planet. But you make a difference. And you do it with your very ordinary, very human super powers.


You make ripples in the universe just by existing. You can enter and leave a room, and the room changes, even if you do not feel it.

So isn’t it time to be more aware of what you can do, and be the best difference you can possibly be?


~ C.