WTF is Freak & Brilliant?

by | Nov 22, 2015 | Positions

What does that mean, Freak & Brilliant?


I dunno. You tell me.

Actually, yes, I would like you to tell me.


What do you think is freakin’ brilliant?

And what do you think about, when you think about the concepts of “freak” and “brilliant”?


Me, I think about lots of things.

Because I’m a perspective taker. Everything is complex for me, because I’m always looking at things from multiple perspectives.


And yes, I do get stuck a lot. I bump into the possible; I trip over the actual.

I often don’t know where the fark I am. Yes, I know I’m inserting fudge words. They entertain me.


What am I thinking when I say “Freak and Brilliant”?


So this is what I think about when I think about “Freak & Brilliant”:

  • Omigosh! This is so freakin’ brilliant! Have to share.
  • Yeah. I’m a freak. And sometimes I think I’m brilliant. 🙂
  • Okay, maybe I’m not so brilliant. But I’m still a freak. And that’s brilliant.
  • All my favourite people are a little bit freaky in their own way. How brilliant is that?

But also:

  • O my frakkin’ gawd. I am such a freak. What part of that was supposed to be brilliant again?
  • Okay, I get that I’m a freak. But how about a little more brilliance?
  • If I’m so freakin’ brilliant, why am I having such trouble?
  • Oh great. Freakin’ brilliant. [Said with some exasperation.]

So the things I think I might cover in this space will probably fall into one or more of the above lines of thinking.


I’m not sure if that helped. Did it?


I’m not one for tight definitions.

And while I care about precision where it counts, I am by nature a touchy-feely gist-y sort of person who thinks in metaphor and analogy more than I think terms of rules and data points.


I like to share. If I can help.


Occasionally…or maybe more often that that…I will try to share something useful, or potentially useful.

Because all of us want more brilliance, more of the time — even if we want to continue to be the same glorious freaks.


Some of what I share might be pretty mundane.


Why bother?

Because sometimes the hardest thing I’ll do all day is navigate “normal”.

I don’t know how anyone stands it.


So I’ll share some of that when it comes along, because I’m probably not alone in this.

Even if it feels like it sometimes.


Joy. Humanity. Openness. Flexibility. Compassion. Resilience.


The stuff I value.

I value joy more than “kicking ass”, human over “superhuman”, and sharing over “never let them see you sweat”.

Not that I don’t enjoy the thought of being kick-ass and superhuman. But I have to start with joy.  And, no matter what else I am or what else I want to be…I’m human.


Another thing you should know: I value critical thinking, and I’m a bit of a science and tech geek.

But I’m not one for dogma, and I am willing to entertain the notion of a more mysterious and bizarre universe than my puny little brain can ever truly understand.


So I’m bound to irritate purists of any type. I am comfortable with uncertainty in my world view, even if I *am* a door-checker.





I am a fish that swims in muddy waters.

I am a goaltender who should wear glasses.

I am a human who knows I can perceive just a tiny bit of the universe around me, and that the universe in my head is just a model that works well enough — to help me get by.


And I get by.

Because I’m still here.


And if you’re reading this now…so are you. 🙂


What about you?

Let me know in the comments.

Seriously. I do want to know what you think.


What do you think about when you think about “freak” and “brilliant”?

And what, in your universe, matters more than anything else?

You don’t have to choose just one.


So please, leave me a comment. Tell me a little about what’s inside your head.